The anti-electromagnetic radiation solution

for your Wi-Fi router

Reduce your exposure to Wi-Fi by 95%.

The Sybox reduces radiations by confining them and allows you to adapt the power of your box to let you surf with complete peace of mind.


Tests carried out at the Inria Sophia Antipolis Research Center


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A slow but very real awareness of the danger of electromagnetic radiation
At Sycy, we're all about responsible use of the airwaves, and have designed the Sybox to stay connected but protected!
Test your SyBox with the ElectroSmart app
✦ Test the effectiveness of the products that are supposed to protect you from the radiation.
✦ Notification to alert you in case of heavy exposure.
✦ Diagnostic mode: compare your exposure with others.
✦ Recommendations to reduce your exposure
✦ Action: Check the sources responsible for your exposure
✦ Exposure by source type and overall
✦ Choose between three metrics: eScore, dBm, Watt
✦ 2 modes: classic or advanced depending on your expertise.

Sybox attenuation test

SyBox® - responsible Wi-Fi
Because we are for the responsible use of the airwaves, the Sybox has three values:

Protection: Reduces exposure to electromagnetic radiation

Technology: All the benefits of Wi-Fi through the conservation of data throughput

Aesthetics: A design structure that adapts to the majority of Wi-Fi routers