As we know, our daily environment is hyper-connected, surrounded by electromagnetic fields.

Invisible and silent, the waves are nevertheless omnipresent.

This electromagnetic fog, also known as Electro smog, is growing rapidly, without our knowledge, especially with the  arrival of 5G. More and more people are showing signs of electro-sensitivity, such as headaches or sleep disorders.

With the constant use of connected objects, Wi-Fi, we are no safer in our homes than outside.

How can we design our homes to limit this electromagnetic pollution as much as possible?

Quick, simple and effective solutions exist. Follow the guide!

What is electromagnetic pollution?

Deforestation, pesticide use, air and water pollution… We are now all aware of the dangers for the environment and are taking action to preserve future generations.

But there is also a new, much less known but equally threatening form of pollution. It corresponds to excessive exposure to electromagnetic fields suspected of affecting health.

Within our homes, there are several types of electromagnetic pollution: radio waves, microwaves but also wireless technologies such as smartphones, Wi-Fi, baby monitors. game consoles, Bluetooth, home automation… domestic radiation has become permanent.

This accumulation can have consequences on our well-being and that of our loved ones.


Simple practices for a healthy home


Les pratiques simples pour un habitat sain, sans ondes électromagnétiques
Good practices for a healthy habitat – Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Identify sources and reorganize locations

The priority is to Electromagnetic pollution : Simple practices for a healthy homereduce or eliminate all pollution in the bedroomA healthy night’s rest for our body, without any electromagnetic waves! In fact, it is when we rest that our body is at its most fragile…

To do this, do not sleep near your mobile phone. Never put your baby’s baby monitor in their bed, turn it off when not in use.  The easiest way is to leave all your devices connected in another room.

 At home, avoid electromagnetic fields close to your body and that of your children, especially at head level. The intensity decreases with distance. The farther away from the source, the lower the risk of the field.

For your bedside or desk lamp, prefer LEDs to compact fluorescent bulbs. The latter have a mercury content and emit electromagnetic waves that are too high.

Be aware that a cordless home phone (DECT) emits waves 24 hours a day. Choose to use a corded telephone.

Keeping your distance from Wi-Fi

comment éviter la pollution électromagnétique dans sa maison
The Sybox effectively protects your home from the danger of Wi-Fi waves.


If you are using a fixed computer, choose a network cable connected to the modem to connect.

It is also recommended not to stand between the box and the computer that connects to it.

Responsible WIFI: To considerably reduce the waves emitted by your internet box, think of the Sybox. Thanks to its steel case, it blocks unused Wi-Fi waves and filters those that are useful for the connection. The Sybox, made in France, is very easy to use: just slide your box inside. The waves are confined there and the download speed is unchanged.

Electromagnetic diagnosis

bonnes pratiques contre la pollution électromagnétique pour la maison


To find out how much exposure to electromagnetic waves your home is exposed to, it is possible to make a request on the official government website. The procedure is free of charge. To do this, simply complete the form signed by an authorized body (regional health agency or approved association for environmental protection).

If you do not wish to request a measurement immediately, you can find out the level of exposure to electromagnetic waves around your home. The Cartoradio site of the ANFR lists all the controls already carried out. All you have to do is enter your address to consult the results closest to your home.

Finally, we have already told you about the usefulness of Electrosmart. This free application for smartphones evaluates our exposure to the waves and indicates what the sources are. Very practical for a reliable and immediate evaluation of your home.

It is therefore quite possible to make changes in your home to limit your exposure. The concepts of distance and duration of exposure are essential. By carrying out this small cleaning of the waves, the house will be healthier, sheltered from any electromagnetic pollution.