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  1. leiall

    To use this application’s functionality you must first have an MP collaboration application such as WebSync2 or TeamSync installed. Once the MP collaboration tool has been installed go to File > Load.

    ![MP Splitter](media/CCBMPsplitterQuick.PNG)

    Under Load select Projects and load your project. Under the top area of the window, you should see that you have a project waiting to be split. Figure \[fig:MPspl
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  2. marjwer

    Here’s an example of a possible command to perform the decompression of the contents inside the file sony_tool_5.exe:
    C:\Users\USER\Downloads\thumb\sony_tool_5.exe -d “C:\Users\USER\Downloads\thumb\SLT_je_06-04-2011_as5063-1:80e3d212-d104-4a0
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  3. nattwea

    Java File Manager is a project that aims to improve the complete file management experience by providing access to files through intuitive panels that display the content and location. The Java File Manager handles everything from the file-related operations, such as Open, Rename, Add File Date, Properties, etc., in several panels. However, the panel-related operations offered are basic, and simple. Therefore, you can only do what other popular file managers can do, like displaying files, icons and lists through
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  4. carashl

    ■ Minimum one network enabled and connected computer/laptop
    ■ Latest IP protocol version
    ■ Java 1.4.2 (Just to link to the latest standard Java version)
    Features (unstable):
    ■ Custom paint theme engine (This feature is currently experimental)
    ■ Icon pack for the user status labels
    ■ Connect to multiple chat servers at the same time
    ■ Various improvements for accuracy in the compression of
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  5. davitiba

    Every file in place.
    Just a few simple steps, and your desktop will become the most beautiful desktop.
    • 32 new icons and 2 wallpapers.
    • Accomplish more with icons properties.
    • Change icon’s background colors and save as new background.
    • Change transparency of icons in rows or column.
    • Icons size can be changed with options.
    • Icon re-size using zoom options or can be pinned.
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  6. wakfio

    The editing functions help you to deal with potential concerns, and there’s a simple interface which is going to be quite handy for regular users.
    User reviews in info42, the 10-Best Sellers in Tools & Utilities and more!
    Info42 is the largest collection of popular software for Windows. Our collection contains over 10 000 software items from thousands of different vendors, all in one convenient place.
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  7. ransdary

    Read on for more details:
    English>Polish, English>Russian, English>Spanish, English>German, English>Turkish, English>Portuguese, English>Russian, English>Japanese, English>Chinese (Simplified), English>Italian, English>Portuguese, English>Vietnamese, French, Norwegian, Simplified, Traditional, Catalan, Czech, Danish, Finnish, Hebrew, Hungarian, Greek, Indonesian, Spanish, Slovak, Slovenian, Sloven
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  8. vaseber

    NzbLoad is free of charge.

    Latest Tweets

    Tuesday, May 18, 2007 is still as new as it was last month and listening to the newsgroups is no different. The server is performing its usual cleansing routine as seen below. The latest client version is available for download here. Clients and servers are still be still monitored. In this regard: the client wizard is very powerful and the wizard now replaces its predecessor. It
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  9. xanjam

    If this app is not a viable solution for you, then you surely know that you can get the official web version at Ionic Creator, which is completely free.

    The gallery below contains screenshots that describe the features

    The steps to install Ionic Creator UNOFFICIAL

    Open your browser and navigate to the official site of the tool.

    Download the installer by clicking on the download button located below the tablet or mobile row.

    The installer has a dual capacity
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