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  • The Sybox is designed to block about 90%-95% of electromagnetic field (EMF) emitted by your routers
  • Tests carried out at the Inria Sophia Antipolis Research Center
  • A design structure that adapts to the majority of Wi-Fi routers
  • Test your SyBox with the ElectroSmart app

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The danger of electromagnetic waves

The airwaves of the Internet Boxes are at the heart of the debate on their impact on our health.

Pointing the finger at them by the scientific community, organisations and users, they are said to be the cause of a multitude of complications:


-Migraines, tinnitus, epilepsies

-Behavioural disorders

-Infertility, etc.

The Sybox, a patented French technology.

Produced in France, the SyBox is the result of several years of research to limit exposure to the waves while allowing part of the signal to pass through to guarantee the same speed.

When using a Wi-Fi box, the power of the signal is often much greater than the surface to be covered. Depending on the size of your home, the Sybox can reduce exposure by up to 100 times, while maintaining the same download speed.

Outside dimension: W 37 cm  W 27.5 cm  H 11.2 cm / W 14.56 In  W 10.62 In  H 4.33 In

Weight: 4 kg

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Black, Green, Red, White

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    Good product and very good customer services. Thanks guys

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    Rose B.

    I was looking for a solution for my kids against EMF, espacially Wi-fi cause my children bedroom was too exposed. I’m glad to use the Sybox, it’s quite pretty and very simple. Maybe you could proposed more colors (purple or pink??) ! Continu it’s a good project and we need solutions!

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    Veronica R

    Very impressed. I was a little doubtful to buy this product as I didn’t know the brand and I spent a considerable amount of time researching different brands. Seems to work well, it helps lower exposure levels by several dB

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    Wilson Jennifer

    I received it about 2 weeks ago, I’m glad that I purchased this. I bought a meter to confirm the amount of EMF before and after and it went from red to blue.

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